Chapter 6: Sympathy


Man’s Best Friend

My grandmother and her little dog, Tina, grew old together. The little Shih Tzu was appropriately named for her Asian heritage, bearing the full name Tina-Ling Wong — Tina, for short.

Tina and my grandmother understood each other. They knew each other’s habits and lived side by side, literally. They both slowed down with age, and in their latter years they spent much of their time resting on the sofa with Tina, right by my grandmother’s side. They say that a dog is man’s best friend. Well I believe it.

My father had a dog named Nick. My grandmother said that Nick was never the same when my father left for college; he grew sad and lethargic, and later his health faltered until he finally died. Nick was a one-owner dog.

Our little dog Puddles gave us a scare the other week. It was obvious that she wasn’t feeling well because whenever we touched her she yelped. We immediately thought the worst. We felt that at twelve years old, she was probably sick and nearing the end of life. We feared what the veterinarian might say.

A slipped disc: that was the prognosis when we took her to the vet. We were concerned, of course, but relieved to think she might be with us a while longer.

We humans are made to love, aren’t we? And it’s especially easy to love those who show their love in return.

Day 3 Guide

If you love someone, show it. Tell your children you love them. Tell you wife or husband, mother or father, even your closest friends.

© 2009 Levi Hill

Poem 13: Poetry and Life

Sweet Yesterday

A cool September morning light
The yawning of a southern pine
A misty glaze covered sill
The quiet hint of clouds

A wooden spire
A cardinal’s perch
A bed of straw
A sleeping sound

All bring to mind
Sweet yesterday
When you, dear love
I found.

© 2006, Levi Hill

Day 13 Guide

What arouses the life of memory for you?