1. Emotion

It’s easy to fall down into a hole sometimes, isn’t it? I mean one day things are going just great, and then the next — well it’s just like someone turned the lights out. I envy those who are able to hang on to the light of a favorable attitude for long stretches of time. My friend Rich is a good example.


Rich is one that just makes you feel good whenever you’re near him. According to Rich, “everything is always great.” And while I’m sure that he has his bad days, it’s rarely evident to anyone around him. Even on the few occasions when I’ve known Rich to be ill, he’s managed to keep a smile on his face.


I, on the other hand, am constantly at work trying to avoid the emotional black-hole that captures the light of my spirit. Daily, I’m working to do what I can to steer clear of the abyss, and I find that it helps if I have something to look forward to.


My work on the Joyous Gard Program is but one example of an interest that I count on to help balance my emotions. It helps me to have a project, a mission, or some sort of life-purpose to drive my actions.


Additionally, I find that my emotional temperature is different in the morning that it is at night. For one thing I’m just not nearly as energetic at night as I am in the morning; my thoughts at night tend toward people, relationships and love. On the other hand, my energy typically spikes in the morning hours, and my mind races. It’s usually the best time for me to draw plans, develop ideas and get to work. I love that feeling of being “up” in the morning.


Day 1 Emotion


Don’t worry so much about emotional ups and downs. You’re going to have good days and bad ones. Try to figure out how to balance your emotions. Use projects, plans and goals to drive your actions and lead your motivation.


© 2006, Levi Hill

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