1. Humor

I have a friend, Paul, who loves a good joke. Whenever I see Paul, he usually has one for me, and, of course, I have one for him. We laugh and laugh – sometimes so hard, in fact, that it carries over into the next time we meet, where we find ourselves snickering again at just the thought of our last laugh.


It’s great to have friends with such a beautiful sense of humor. To find life funny is, I believe, one of the “symptoms of sanity.” I notice that those who have a hard time laughing usually also have a hard time enjoying most anything. Laughter is a portal for relief, a way to exhaust the burden of worry and return the mind to a healthy state of equilibrium. There’s nothing worse that feeling the constant weight of the world on your shoulders. “Lighten up!” says the old adage.


Day 1 Guide


Look around; watch the world “at play” and see if you can spot incongruities or things that don’t seem to make sense. Try laughing at your own mistakes and being around others who love to laugh.


I’m reminded of a great bumper sticker: Life is too short to own a bad dog. Yep, there’s a lot of truth in that.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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