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Time of your Life


How do you measure the stream of life? By the days? Hours? Years? What about by the seconds? By my calculations the average span of life amounts to about two billion seconds. But none of us really thinks of life in terms of seconds, do we? We think of life more in terms of years, seasons, or decades. It’s true that the anticipation of a big event – like Christmas or the arrival of a baby – might have us thinking of the passage of days. There are even a few events that I can remember unfolding hour by hour. But normally it is not by the passing of time that we remember life. We think more in terms of events, episodes or times (my college years, for example).


Do you remember falling in love? Such thoughts bring to mind memories of courtship and the feelings of being near someone who captured your heart and satisfied a yearning in your soul. Even today those wonderful thoughts may help to restore the fire of your imagination and awaken your appetite for passion.


Day 1 Guide


On this last day of the Joyous Gard Cycle of Days think of your entire life. Look back and locate the times when you felt most hopeful or when thoughts of beauty were most vivid. Think of times when you felt sympathy towards someone you loved or when you enjoyed the humor of a good friend. Think of the emotional times – of victories and disappointments. Look, too, at your work and your accomplishments. Think of today as the time to integrate the various elements of life in order to reveal the wonderful complexity of its design.  


© 2006, Levi Hill

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