1. Poetry and Life

In the film “The Trip to Bountiful” actress Geraldine Page plays the character of Carrie Watts, an old woman who wants desperately to revisit her childhood home before she dies. Finding little help from her son and daughter-in-law in satisfying her longing to return to Bountiful, Carrie Watts decides to go it alone and make the arduous trip by herself. 

I saw the film many years ago, but even today find myself occasionally thinking about Carrie Watts’ particular desire to go home. I think of how much she wanted to rekindle the memories of her youth in order to reclaim the life that was once hers. It seems to me that she may have wanted to find the entire cast of her life fresh on her mind before she died — a gathering of sorts. Maybe she wanted to sense that her life – like a book – held many chapters and that all of them contributed to a meaningful story. For Carrie Watts, the apprehension of life’s beauty was to know it and sense it all at once – a homecoming.  

Day 1 Guide 

Let’s face it: we spend most of our time thinking about and building for the future, don’t we? We’re quick to feel that today’s work is important only if it leads to tomorrow’s intended result. And yet many good things come of unintended consequences. We should never forget the many chapters of our lives – even those that may seem dry and unimportant.  

© 2006, Levi Hill

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