1. Retrospect

Do you sometimes feel that life itself is almost more real than it should be? I mean, wouldn’t you say that there are some things in life that are just too hard to imagine? War is but one example of something arousing a fear that is impossible to fathom, unless you have yourself been within its gut. The emotional arousal of romantic love, or the painful heartache of death – these too are things that we must personally experience in order to understand.


To know the meaning of events, which have led us to witness the flight of ecstasy or the pangs of despair, is the desire of a hungry soul. And I believe that it’s our nature to “want” to know how such things feed our lives and satisfy a purpose.


A recent cloud of events within my family has given me the pause of retrospect; I feel the need to stop and sort out how God has dealt with us – how he has answered the call of prayer and delivered us safely on the course of His desire.


Day 1 Guide


Friend, sometimes the need to find meaning isn’t felt until life draws your spirit to the extreme highs or lows. Think today of how you might consider thinking retrospectively more often, even when the water is calm. Sometimes, the subtle currents are the most important.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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