1. Retrospect

Memories help the spirit to isolate and enjoy the sweetness in life. Even the sharp and cutting experiences of earlier days are usually worn down and made harmless by the hands of time. Memories of both good times and bad serve the further purpose of training the soul and helping to shape perspective.


I tend to replay bad life-experiences in my mind, considering that to be part of a personal healing process. And though it’s often times hard, I want to stare difficulty in the face and remain standing with a positive outlook. I figure that unless I’m able to face the painful thoughts and consider them to be part of my overall training, they will loom in the corners of my mind, waiting to attack any weakness in my spirit.


I consider retrospect to be the intellectual assessment of remembered life experiences. And by thinking back on earlier times, of things such as the magic of youth or even the pain of detachment and the loss of innocence, I’m better able to make sense of life’s twists and turns and thereby come to grips with its course. But the far greater pleasure is in knowing that I’m being led on a course not of my own design. God is there, always leading


Day 1 Guide


Welcome to summer. Take time today to reflect on your summertime memories – maybe your school years when summer meant freedom from studying and homework. What were your favorite things to do in the summer? Riding a bicycle? Swimming? Going to camp? Watching my own children makes it easy for me to still identify with that wonderful pause of summer.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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