1. Sympathy

It’s difficult to think in ways and of things that aren’t familiar to you. Most of the time, it’s even hard to try and put yourself in someone else’s shoes. And yet we all want to be understood, don’t we? We don’t want someone to merely agree with us if he or she doesn’t really believe or understand our opinion.


I appreciate the honesty and sincerity of someone who struggles to understand my thoughts and opinions. I’d much rather face the grist of disagreement than the salve of unfounded sympathy. It’s important, I think, to listen and consider other opinions. But it’s equally important to hold on to your beliefs in the face of loud opposition. A sympathetic friend is one who understands your nature and knows the value of the things that are meaningful to you. 


Day 1 Guide


You don’t have to concede your beliefs or your values to be sympathetic. You have only to listen and try to understand another’s opinion or situation.


© 2006, Levi Hill

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