1. The Principle of Beauty

It is the temperate use of beauty which we must aim at, and a certain candour of observation, looking at all things, neither that we may condemn if we can, nor that we may luxuriously abandon ourselves to sensation, but that we may draw from contemplation something of the inner light of life.

     — Benson, Joyous Gard 

Southern Snow 

I’ll never forget the record-breaking 14″ snowfall that we had here in Augusta, GA back in February of 1973. For those of us living in the Deep-South, any snowfall is a big surprise. But 14 inches! Wow, that’s just unheard of.  

I was eleven-years-old when my father came to school to pick up me and my sister. Because of the snowstorm, classes were suspended that day. Never before had we seen snow fall so hard and for so long. The conditions were perfect for ground accumulation. It was cold and dry, and the snow piled up quickly, leaving a pristine white blanket across the ground. The sharp edges of the world were replaced by curves and contours that then only hinted at things hidden below. There was an unusual quiet and stillness about the world – a cocoon-like presence that was comfortable, almost natural. I remember walking through the snow and marveling at how the world had changed.  

Day 1 Guide 

Do you still find things in life that surprise and delight your spirit? Maybe it’s a new friendship, a book, or a song. Search for things to awaken the slumbering mind. Try to see the world in a different light.  

© 2006, Levi Hill

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