1. Visions

Hundreds of common elements bind us together as humans. We are workers and lovers, dreamers and believers. And we feel our best when we can envision a future unhindered by worry and fear. But human burdens are real. And they too are common, binding elements. We sympathize with others who face difficulties beyond what would be the “normal” challenges in life. Together we hope for brighter days.  

And then there are those times when we’re able to “fly” – moments, even days, when we are able to free ourselves from the normal burdens of life and float, it would seem, in space.

Consider the example of falling in love. Do you recall those wonderful feelings that erased all other cares and concerns? It was a time when the thought of another was so strong that nothing else in the world mattered. Remember? You wanted only to enjoy the pleasures of being with her or him.

There are also those feelings of creative power and energy that move the mind beyond the malaise so common in today’s helter-skelter world.  It could be a new idea or a newfound interest that spurs the mind. Lifting the spirit might be the understanding of a simple and beautiful principle or a sense of unity with God.  

Day 1 Guide

Think about tomorrow. Consider how to prepare your mind to recognize the many instances of beauty that pass before you.

© 2006, Levi Hill

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