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This is the last day in the “Behavior Toward” series of the Joyous Gard days. (Ref: www.thinkinginink.com/organization). The series heading fits very well with what I want to talk about this morning, you and me.


Here’s what Benson says in a chapter of Joyous Gard he calls “Work” (Ref: www.thinkinginink.com/work):


“I believe that, day by day, we should clear a space to live with minds that have felt and hoped and enjoyed. That is the first duty of all; and then that we should live in touch with the natural beauty of the earth, and let the sweetness of it enter into our minds and hearts; for then we come out renewed, to find the beauty and the fullness of life in the hearts and minds of those about us.”


He goes on to say:


“¦ it is our business to conciliate each other”


So, here we are, together, thinking and talking about the great things of the mind’s Joyous Gard, influencing others who would hear our words, feel our touch and see our face. I believe that it truly is our business and life’s work to conciliate each other, to make friends and to help smooth out the rough places in life. We need each other.


Here’s a segment from a biography of the late Dave Thomas, founder of the Wendy’s and television commercial icon:


Dave lived by the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated. He simplified this by saying, Just Be Nice.


Dave loved quality ¦ and he loved people. To Dave, being nice meant talking to people honestly. It might mean telling them news they may not want to hear. But he knew that if you treat them with respect and dignity they are more likely to accept what you have to say. Being nice also means being a good listener. It’s a sign of respect, and you’ll learn more by listening, he would always say.


Through his television commercials, Dave became an American icon. He met presidents, sports superstars and celebrities, and he could relate to anyone, regardless of background or occupation. He was most comfortable behind the grill ” in his trademark white, short-sleeve shirt and bright red tie – talking to the crew. He was always friendly and respectful. He mentioned their name and gave them a lapel pin. It may seem simple, but being respectful and treating others like you want to be treated will be returned to you again and again.


Too often, we are overly serious about things; we criticize and think so little of relationships. Too easily, we cast people aside, citing the nature of competition and survival of the fittest. And too much, we blame the weaknesses of others for the shortfalls in life.


Days 1-2


Maybe it sounds trite to say, but today and tomorrow, “think of others.” What is it that you can give to someone else in these two days – a simple smile, a compliment, or a word of encouragement?


It’s easy to lose sight of “Behavior Toward.”  Use these two days to soften your outlook, remove any hardness, and live as best you can by the Golden Rule.


© 2004, Levi Hill

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