10. Emotion

Living happily means many things to me. It means feeling confident about tomorrow, even in the face of adversity. It means having personal and professional relationships to cultivate and enjoy. It means feeling as though I’m part of a family and a community. It means loving and being loved in return, learning and laughing. Regardless, however, of how sure I might be in this knowledge, I still have a tendency to get caught up in the thinking that financial freedom will somehow bring with it the happiness that I seek.


It’s true, fortune can in fact deliver such a great relief from the burden of obligation that one feels as though he’s been set free. But there can remain important and deep emotional voids of relationship, love, and faith in the future. Yes, happiness is much more than the pearls of fortune.


Day 10 Guide


Beware of a sense of life that has as its central value only the things that money can buy. Assume for a day that lasting and true emotional happiness exists outside the circles of money and concentrate instead on resting in the simpler things in life. Ask probing questions. Take an interest in someone’s life or work. Write a letter to a friend or a spouse. Begin to catalog your photographs. You’ll find that the simple pleasures in life add an important dimension to your understanding of happiness.


© 2006, Levi Hill

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