10. Ideas

When I was growing up, our family would sometimes travel to Terra Verde, Florida for summer vacation. As I remember, the town was full of flashy attractions that would capture the interest of any child.


We played miniature golf and went to a place called Tiki Gardens, which was full of all sorts of birds, tropical plants, and burning torches. But the place that I remember most distinctly was The London House of Wax — a great wax museum that housed the most realistic wax figures you’ve ever seen.  We visited that place dozens of times, never growing tired of looking at the figure of Abraham Lincoln on his deathbed or the villains of history like Black Beard and Genghis Kahn.


Sometimes, the museum would change its displays by adding new figures or simply moving things around. On occasion, they would even place a live person somewhere in a display area, challenging, in effect, the guests to find him among the wax figures. The key to locating the hidden man was to look for slight movements or differences in skin tone and texture.


And then there was this other section in the museum called the Chamber of Horrors, where weird looking figures like Jack the Ripper and Frankenstein were displayed. I dared not enter that area alone, for fear that the live person may be hidden within.


Day 10 Guide


The mind is full of all sorts of ideas – ideas of things, of life, of people. Ideas of beauty flood the spirit with energy and feed the desire to move forward. Look out on the world with an eye for beauty and search for the things that bring you life. 


© 2005, Levi Hill

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