10. Interpretation

Disappointment – it falls on the heels of anticipation that is unanswered. Having your hopes set on things that do not come to pass leaves a cloud of sorrow that hinders the view to any further happiness. It is easy, unfortunately, to find yourself in the grips of such a blinding force. The power isn’t obvious, but subtle, confirmed only by your own choice not to capture life poetically.


As much as you might want to see the pattern of resounding waves born of a stone tossed in the water, a mind held hostage thinks only of its sudden disappearance beneath the murky surface. “Gone,” you think.


Life — if it is to have any of the richness of meaning — must be viewed poetically. You must find a way to peer into its corners  and in the cracks surrounding disappointment so that you may pull something great out of the smallness discarded by average opinion.


Days 10-12 Guide


Still your mind, and prepare to search for the greatness in small things.


© 2006, Levi Hill

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