Sand Castles

December 10, 2009
December 10, 2009 levi


Places in the Sand

The vacant lot across from my boyhood home was mostly covered with brush. It remained that way for years until finally it was cleared and filled with dirt and large pieces of salvaged concrete. For us neighborhood boys, the dirt made a much better playground than the brush.

I remember riding my bicycle over the terrain that was mostly sloped away from my house. I’d start at the top of hill (directly across from my house) and try to made it all the way down to the bottom without stopping. The challenge was to navigate between the slabs of broken concrete “ something similar to mountain biking.

The dirt-filled lot was an ideal place to dig. The dirt itself was cool and moist and easy to pack. We’d use our bare hands, shovels or pieces of scrap wood to dig mighty holes and pits where we could hide from cars and passersby on the street. We dug tunnels and small cave-like indentions that would hold two or three people. It was quiet down in the hole. The blue sky and the occasional bird flying overhead were all you saw from that sub level vantage point.

Day 10 Guide

Think of the places that give you comfort. At times we need to retreat in order to urge a new perspective.

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