10. The Sense of Beauty

As you walk through life how often is it that a sense of beauty enters your soul? I find that my spirit is often times overly critical, finding beauty only in the narrow landscapes of pageantry. But it’s not what I want – to find beauty solely in a spectacular sunset, in love or in unusual serenity. I want to find the beauty that surrounds me as I walk through life, the beauty in mundane and usual things. I wish to find my soul sensitive and wanting to reconcile even the smallest steps of life to something more meaningful – to the purposeful design of a universe, which considers even the flight of a sparrow to be essential.


Many things move to burden or frustrate my view of such beauty — the anxiety of obligations, the news of tragedy or sadness, and the ever-present possibility of danger. But amidst the sameness and the risks of life is the answer to beauty’s return: a belief in faith, hope, and love.


Keeping me on the threshold of a revived spirit is the knowledge that God’s mission includes even my clouded perspective. And on those days that I feel restless and blue, it is only by such grace that I think I’m able to sense the beauty that so paints life’s ordinary events.


Day 10 Guide


Think today of the things that help to revive your sense of beauty, and hold tightly to the beliefs that support a universe of order and purpose.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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