10. Work

There are a hundred paths that can be trodden; only let us be sure that we are treading our own path, not feebly shifting from track to track, not following too much the bidding of others, but knowing what interests us, what draws us, what we love and desire ;and above all keeping in mind that it is our business to understand and admire and conciliate each other, whether we do it in a panelled room, with pens and paper on the table, and the committee in full cry; or out on the quiet road, with one whom we trust entirely¦


  Joyous Gard, Work


It’s good advice, to “tread our own path.” Each of us offers something unique to the world even if only our perspective and understanding of how we might rise above the clouds. For many of us, work provides the means by which we find occasion to help other people. I was recently drawn to a door of understanding as I came to know and appreciate the work of physicians and nurses, who routinely offer the healing touch to  many wounded and hurting spirits.


A smile, a touch, a helping hand – they give comfort to those who at times feel alone in their own suffering and disappointment. Think of the opportunities that you might have at work to meet people and let them know your heart.


Day 10 Guide


Enjoy your work today, knowing of the opportunity to change someone’s life. A word of encouragement or a note of thanks goes a long way.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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