11. Accessibility

There are few things that make one more immediately accessible to others than eye contact and a smile. Without a word spoken, they uncover a soul reaching out to connect.


Some might call such longing for connection a human weakness, that of dependence. We do so cherish our independence, don’t we? We, many of us, remain guarded and hold tightly on to our privacy. Yet we live in neighborhoods and communities. And together, we laugh and cry, we sing and dance. But then we retreat, don’t we? We go back to our own private islands of isolation where all of our needs are met. And it’s there that we pretend our souls need nothing more, nothing more, nothing more¦.




Listen to the chants

Of anxious souls,

Walking the shores

Of quiet seas.


And hear the beating

Of lonely hearts

Say nothing more, nothing more,

Nothing more.


© 2006, Levi Hill


Day 11 Guide


Try not to lock yourself away, but rather make yourself available to those who might enjoy your smile. Try this week to look at people, make eye contact and smile. You might be surprised at what you find.

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