11. Art and Morality

When he’s driving, my friend Curt listens mostly to “public radio.” Like me, he enjoys some classical music but really doesn’t know that much about it. I think he just likes the way it sounds and the way it makes him feel.


As a salesman, Curt spends a lot of time on the road where there’s always the temptation to pick up fast food during the lunch hour. But more times than not, Curt will have packed his own lunch, and in the middle of the day he’ll look for a quiet spot to park his truck and eat as he listens to the pretty music on “public radio.” Most of time he’ll find an old church or a cemetery and park under a big shade tree. With the wind blowing and the music playing, my friend finds a bit of peace and restoration in the middle of a busy day.


Day 11 Guide


Where to you find peace? What is it that revitalizes your tired spirit during the day? Think about your typical day and draft a plan to give yourself thirty minutes of peace. Think of the listening to music, writing in a journal or taking a walk.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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