11. Art & Morality

In the World
Yesterday, I visited a friend who had recently been admitted to the hospital. As I was parking my car, I noticed a sign that read, “Free Valet Service.” It was a pretty day and I didn’t mind walking, so I parked myself. 


Just before I entered the hospital, the valet, stationed near the front door, greeted me with a warm, “hello.”  I thought that was nice. And then, the receptionist, who was stationed just inside the front door, greeted me in the same friendly manner, as did two more employees that I saw on my way to the elevators. That was four “hellos” in less than five minutes. I love to see organizations that are run so well.


Another example of friendly service is at our local Chick-Fil-A restaurant. All of the employees are very pleasant. After a customer places an order in the drive-through line a voice responds: “We look forward to seeing you at the window.” Then at the window, the attendant thanks you and tells you to “come back again.” If you happen to thank him, he’ll respond with, “It was my pleasure.” I just love that response, don’t you?; The founder of Chick-Fil-A, Truitt Cathy, is a great man, and I’m sure that his influence is an important element in the company’s success. Great leadership is an art.


Art, Morals amp; Teachers
In my opinion, great art invites you to approach and enjoy its spirit. It makes you want to hold on to someone as you enjoy its essence. Sharing such an experience with someone you love would be a quite normal desire, I think.


In the same way that an artist is able to turn your spirit, great teachers open doors and illuminate the passages of Joyous Gard. They make things interesting and demonstrate the integrated design of various subjects. Under their teaching, boundaries are erased, and knowledge seems to flow as one complete body. Great teachers leave you with a beautiful feeling: that everything is interconnected, whole and meaningful.


All of the things above have to do with the beauty of design and organization and their effects on the minds and the practical affairs of men. Here are a few vital questions: Do artists teach? Are teachers artists? Are morals, business practices and common grace forms of art?


Day 11 Guide:


Today, think about the design in your life — your business, your home and your family. What are you teaching? What is your art?


© 2004, Levi Hill

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