Writings Day 11: Humor

January 11, 2010
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January 11, 2010 levi

Going Digital

Do you ever just want to reach out and choke your computer? I do. I mean sometimes the thing is just so slow. Okay, I’ll admit that I’m bad about opening up a lot of programs (Windows) and leaving them open. But that’s what they’re there for, right, to open?

No one should tell me how many windows I can have open at once. And if there is a limit, shouldn’t there be a little window that’s pop and politely says, Mr. Hill, you have reached the maximum number of open windows, please close one in order to open another? That just doesn’t happen. Instead, the machine’s performance degrades until I, the user, am totally beside myself.

I’m bad about cleaning out my email folder– really bad. I think I have 45,000 emails in my inbox right now. What am I going to do with 45,000 emails? It’s way too many to wade through. Maybe I’m just lazy. But playing email cop all the time is a real hassle. I tend to just let things go, and now —  well, it’s out of control. It’s like I need to delete everything and start my computing life over.

Today, I got so bummed out that I left my office downstairs and resorted to another computer upstairs, one I try not to clutter. It’s quieter upstairs anyway. In fact, I think I’ll just let my downstairs computer sit by itself for a while and see how it likes that.

You probably think I’m being a little too hard on the old machine. It’s my fault, right? I should’ve given it more memory when I bought it. You’re probably right. I guess that now I’m paying the price for that.

Maybe I’m asking too much of my machine. I should just retire the old gal and replace her with another. Hey, I wonder how she’d feel if she knew I were considering that? Maybe I’ll accidentally send this email to her. Yea: that’s what I’ll do. She might just get the hint and shape up.

Okay, I’m through with my venting now. I’ll go back downstairs and make up with my old friend. Who knows? She may have even missed me.

I doubt it.

Day 11 Guide

It’s not bad to lower your expectations as long as your aspirations remain high.

Quote of the Day: The two most powerful warriors are patience and time. — Leo Tolstoy

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