11. Ideas

Trash Can Omelet

“One day, I’ll be working with chef Emeril Lagasse, he just doesn’t know it yet.” – That’s what Deloris, the spunky, forward-thinking cook at a small South Carolina restaurant, told us when we ordered her trademark breakfast-dish, trash can omelet. Loaded with everything you can imagine, from avocados and onions to sausage and cheese, Deloris’ three-egg omelet was one of the tastiest surprises I ever put in my mouth. Not long after our food was delivered, she walked up with yet another pleasure, a pan of fresh baked muffins prepared from her own secret recipe. So secretive, in fact, is she about this particular recipe that she mixes the batter at home and takes it to work, just in order to keep her fellow cooks from identifying all of the ingredients.

Meeting Deloris confirmed the principle that attitude makes the difference. And from our brief encounter it was apparent that her heart was in pleasing her customers. “Thursday night,” she said, “is fried chicken, turnip greens, and macaroni and cheese. Y’all come back.”

Oh, if I could just have a taste of that spirit every day.

Day 11 Guide

How do you start the day? Does your first step reveal a good attitude? Tomorrow, check your baggage at the door and enter the day with a good and strong spirit. Be the light that would inspire others to action.

© 2006, Levi Hill

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