11. Poetry and Life

November 11, 2009
November 11, 2009 levi


Falling Apart

I\’m sure you\’ve had days when everything just seemed to come unglued “ when plans unraveled and the passing hours painted a comedy of the uncontrolled. Some mornings I know right off the bat that my day is going to be a challenge. Other times I wake up tired and clumsy. My hands do well just to keep up with my thoughts. On those days I try to stay away from all things fragile. I found out the hard way that I\’m actually more apt to break things when I\’m making a special effort to be careful.

But you know what? I love my little problems. I enjoy the unique pain of frustration because I know that it is merely a by-product of living free. I love sweet inconveniences and foiled intentions. To me they mean that better is a possibility.

Imagine a world that never responded to your efforts, a world of unmet desires and dreams unfulfilled. Imagine never knowing the freedom to dream. What sort of life would it be to find that your intentions only produced unintended consequences?

Day 11 Guide

We who have never known such a world should listen to those who have. Listen to those who\’ve lived behind the wall.

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