11. Visions


Ogilvie and Me

I\’ve played the hole a thousand times
Beneath a watchful twilight moon
And had this match with ages past,
All square through seventeen.

Bourne and Wallace paired that day,
And Ogilvie had me.
The final hole, with trouble left,
My turn to take the tee.

The distant lights upon the hill
Soothed my anxious soul.
I swung and hit the ball not far
But straight towards the hole.

My partner hooked his drive dead left;
The others, safely off.
I knew the match was up to me
To play beyond my golf.

A long-iron then remaining for
A chance — or it would seem.
I pulled the next one in the sand,
And Bourne, he hit the green.

From the trap I played it well
But left a downhill putt —
A gentle tap, I held my breath
And watched it hit the cup.

A par that day, beneath the moon
For Ogilvie and me
Was just enough to win the match,
My one-putt beat Bourne\’s three.

(c) 2009 Levi Hill

Day 11 Guide

What are your dreams and visions?  Be careful not to let them escape this world.

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