First Grade, a Good Place to Start

I remember Miss Ellen (Bradley) coming to town for extended visits with my grandparents. She was my father\’s first grade teacher and a close family friend. We all enjoyed her company”mostly, I believe, because she enjoyed ours as well. Her career as a school teacher in the small mid-Georgia town of Sandersville spanned fifty years. Her logevity and unique teaching style made her a town legend, known to be strict but able to shape children with kind, not harsh, words. My father recounts how with seeming ease she was able to maintain control of a full classroom of active six-year-olds.

On her visits to Augusta, Miss Ellen was never without a large box of plain white stationery. I remember wondering just how many letters one person could possibly write. It was obvious that Miss Ellen loved people — so much so, I believe, that she refused to let a relationship die for lack of care or attention. A letter from Miss Ellen was a reminder that she had not forgotten you and that you were on her mind.

Day 12 Guide

Take care to nurture friendships. A telephone call, an email — or best of all, a handwritten letter or note, are ideal for keeping relationships alive.

© 2009, Levi Hill

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