12. Art

Growing up I thought my friend’s older brother, Bobby, had the coolest bedroom. I remember that it was always well kept, and in the middle of the floor there was this big, soft, animal skin rug. He had two hamsters in a cage, a “black light” that would make his fluorescent posters glow, a great stereo, a strobe light, and a collection of other gadgets and puzzles on his desk.


Of course, Bobby didn’t like his younger brother (or his friends) trespassing in his room. So we’d sneak in when he wasn’t at home and stay for just a short while, always fearing that we might get caught. I guess the risk of getting caught made going in his room even more intriguing. Never was I in his room long enough to really get used to it or tired of it. There was always some new discovery to arouse my interest.


For a long time I wanted my room to be just like Bobby’s. And for months I tried hard to make it that way. I remember bugging my father so long that he finally bought me a black light; I hung some “glowing” posters and asked for a bear skin rug for my birthday. I even got “leopard skin print” bedspreads. But my room never turned out to feel like Bobby’s. And I never was able to figure out why. Maybe it was because my bear skin rug was fake or that it wasn’t very soft. And my strobe light, well, it worked okay. But it just wasn’t the same as Bobby’s.


I think that maybe part of the mystique of Bobby’s room was more of a fascination with “older boy’s” toys. And Bobby himself had an unusual personality; maybe I was just interested in finding out what made him tick. Whatever the case, he had a neat room, and getting kicked out a time or two with the solid warning never to return, well that just made us want to go back even more. 


Day 12 Guide


Think today of your surroundings and of the environment that stimulates and satisfies your mind. Consider your interests, while also looking at how other people live. The key here is to develop the habit of constantly improving the habitat for your mind.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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