12. Faith

When I was a young boy I was interested in magical and strange things, the things that spoke of a reality beyond common belief: mind over matter, ESP, alien encounters, and Big Foot. I suppose that I wanted to believe in something more than I could see or touch. It wasn’t enough for me to think of my own life as a miracle or to consider the common flight of a bird as something lovely and interesting. 


But forty-three years of living have convinced me now that there is enough mystery in the simple things to satisfy my taste for strange and magical phenomena. The miracles of childbirth, love, and relationship, or the beautiful apprehension of purpose and design in one’s own life – these are the things that now satisfy my hunger for a reality beyond the senses. I’m curious and excited about tomorrow, and I have faith that it will never run astray from the greater order of a divine plan. 


Day 12 Guide


Today consider the smallest elements of meaning in your life and have faith that your impact on the world is felt through simple means like words of kindness or love. Realize that a simple “thank you,” or “I love you” will forever change the world.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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