12. Growth

Head or Heart?


The head and the heart join forces within the halls of Joyous Gard, together elevating the spirit to greater heights. The eye of objective identification (i.e. intellect) warmed by a sense of awesome wonder (emotion) creates the ideal condition for the apprehension of beauty, creativity, and personal growth.


Look out on the world, friend. What do you see? By what principles has God designed the universe? And how does man use such principles in his own capacity as creator?


I consider it one of my daily essentials to open the doors of Joyous Gard and allow the powers of intellect and emotion to bathe its halls in a golden light. For in the stronghold of Joyous Gard, matters of business and science meet the rush of emotional energy in what is an interconnected, symbiotic relationship.  


Some would argue that there’s no place for beauty in the worlds of business and science and that like machines we ought to generate only results that can be objectively measured and assessed. But to be sure, it is the spirit of Joyous Gard and the apprehension of beauty that give one the vital energy and insights necessary to break new ground. 


Day 12 Guide


Let no one lock the doors of Joyous Gard. But keep them open to welcome the weary and wanting spirit.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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