12. Hope

Sometimes a statement of hope might speak of doubt or concern: “I hope I don’t have car trouble on my trip.” But the real strength of hope is in the expectation of things desired, not in doubt. To be hopeful is to be alive with anticipation – positive about the future.


Christian hope is particularly beautiful in that it is free of even a tinge of doubt. The spirit of God is moving and working in our lives to meet a certain end. That’s right, a certain end. Never is there a question of God’s efficacy, His intentions having been made manifest by the birth, death and resurrection of His son, Jesus.


That night, some two thousand years ago, a hope was born to extinguish the doubt and put away the darkness of night. And so now, in the midst of this season we celebrate renewal and birth and a hope being thus transformed and made certain.


Day 12 Guide


Are you hopeful, my friend? Is your hope tainted with doubt? This Christmas, restore your faith in the certainty of divine goodness. Be patient in your work, with your friends, and trust the knowledge that God paints your every move with his purpose.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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