12. Interpretation

You’ve heard it said before, haven’t you? “Life is what you make of it.”


And it’s true, I believe, that the experience of life is partly self-wrought – that what you do in life in part determines your experience of her. But it’s also true that the experience of life is a matter of interpretation. How do you view life? Nature? God? Do you believe that we live in a benevolent universe? Or one that inspires constant fear and watchfulness?


One of the founding principles of Joyous Gard, with her view of beauty, is that we live in a universe of meaning and purpose. It is to see the course of the universe as fulfilling some wonderfully important and heavenly desire – something beyond our own understanding. The mystery of life that so defines the spirit of Joyous Gard is one that anticipates the awesome integration and interconnection of events, which are themselves beyond predication. As in the advancing spirit of human invention, which anticipates success but cannot predict its particular course, we should see the world as one of immense possibility.


Day 12 Guide


Today, check your foundation. How do you view the universe? Look around. What do you see? Possibilities, or dead-ends? Look for evidence in nature that supports a view of purpose and meaning. Try not to unravel the particulars of life, but rather anticipate the mysterious and beautiful connection of events sewn by the hands of God.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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