12. Interpretation

Does life to you ever seem like a trip in the pouring rain? I know the feeling: of a downpour so hard that you can barely see to drive. And it just keeps coming, with no end in sight.


A few years ago we took a trip to Florida and drove through such a rain. For hours, it seemed, we were caught in the deluge; the driving was especially intense. But after a long period of heavy rain constantly beating the windshield, the storm finally passed, and we saw a patch of blue skies. Oh, how wonderful it was to see those blue skies! I remember well that feeling of relief. But I was also exhausted.


And then, magically, as if specifically intended to restore our spirits, a beautiful rainbow appeared in the eastern sky — the prettiest one we’d ever seen, covering what seemed like miles of farmland. We talked for a good while about her beautiful light and her shape, and once again, we felt excited about life and our trip. The simple things even tasted sweeter. Thank God for rainbows.


I’ve seen a rainbow end to end
Then watched it fade away,
Colors of the fallen leaves,

An evening sky, a bride’s bouquet.


Days 12-14 Guide:


The apprehension of beauty has an awesome restorative power. There’s great energy bound up in those special moments when you sense a higher meaning and purpose. Focus this weekend on finding such beauty. It’s so easy to overlook.


© 2004, Levi Hill 

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