12. Progress

Breaking down barriers: that’s what comes to mind when I think of making progress. You see, I have a terribly hard time staying focused. How about you? Do you find that sometimes it’s just easier to take care of life’s chores than to face the challenge of moving forward? It’s not that I even mind the labor of busyness. In fact, I think staying busy helps to mask the pain of sensing a will that seems all too frail.

I have dozens of excuses to justify my immobility: not enough money or time, too many other responsibilities. However, as much as it would seem like I might need an entire army to slay these Titans of sloth, a breath of inspiration is all that’s really needed to stir the spirit and free my mind. By what means is such a breath drawn? Are we able to call on that power ourselves? I think so.

We must first believe. If not poetry, then life is merely a series of events given over by the forces of nature. The breath of power is in believing that God moves us in a direction according to His purpose. You must believe too that your struggle is worthy and that you are, in fact, engaged in a battle for your soul and your joy. Many are the roads to Joyous Gard, but so too are the paths that lead to nowhere.

Day 11 Guide

Today, be prepared to battle with hopelessness. In the face of such an enemy find a voice – that of a friend, a poet, a child – to draw you back on the high road.

© Levi Hill, 2007

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