12. The Sense of Beauty

Physical pain, grief, pre-occupation, business, anxiety, all seem to have the power of quenching it {the sense of beauty} instantaneously, until one is apt to feel that it is a thing of infinite delicacy and tenderness, and can only co-exist with a tranquillity which it is hard in life to secure.

— The Sense of Beauty, Benson, Joyous Gard

Only too well do I know the feeling that Benson writes about. Everyday stressors often highjack my attention and draw me away from the wellspring of life. And sometimes the feeling of separation lasts for days, weeks. But I know that the shadows of beauty follow me. I know that quietly they wait to remind me that the road to feeling great is yet within my reach.

Day 12 Guide

In life, there are those frail, tender moments that only a softened spirit would sense. Make it your daily habit to find something in the world that has meaning beyond a deadline.

© 2006, Levi Hill

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