30. Thought


Blowing in the Wind

Maybe it\’s just me, but it seems that today we tend to value action over thought. The pragmatic man is today\’s modern-day hero. The man of thought is merely a dreamer or an idealist, and neither “ according to the critic “ is capable of putting results on the table. We no longer trust principle, and therefore we no longer seek principled thought. Just look around. We\’re looking for results — instant results.

I easily get caught in this brutal and unforgiving wind of public opinion. My mind is often a jumble, and I sometimes find myself looking for immediate answers. But given just a breath of time “ time to think and to wonder, I realize that the search for principle gives way to a life of principle.

Day 30 Guide

Be careful not to let the world push you around. Seek the truth and put your trust in principle, not merely results.

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