13. Art and Morality

I love watching people work; I’m totally fascinated by the movements of hands and arms and the flexing of muscles large and small. For me, to watch someone practice any art or technique is to participate in his or her attempts toward perfection.


Workspaces are equally impressive in that they often times show the important trails, or memories, of where the worker (artist) has been. Okay, maybe it’s true that “cleanliness is next to Godliness,” but in my opinion, the trails of effort – work – tell so much more about our humanity. I see the struggle to find beauty and symmetry in a reality that is refractory and unforgiving.




The artist leaves us simple “moments of beauty.” But these glimpses of perfection also have the impressive quality of being wrought from the dust and the grit of hard paths. I think that the “hand crafted” nature of art lingers in our minds and makes us wonder how man himself could have ever seen such beauty.


Day 13 Guide


Today, lift up your work. Be satisfied with your accomplishments, regardless of how small, and be intrigued by your effort. Focus your attention on your own body’s movements and the work of your mind. Realize the complexity of something as common as standing upright or as simple as holding a pencil, and be thankful for the least of your motions aiming towards an end.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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