13. Education / Knowledge

It is true: “Knowledge is Power.” And, therefore, it would stand to reason that a people’s intelligence is largely responsible for the wealth and power of nations.


As individuals, we sense such power and are often times drawn to people with the capacity to create, to bring something into existence from the ashes of nothing. Men or women, who from the energy of their own thoughts have built or invented something or who have advanced an idea, a technology or made a discovery, are worthy of admiration and respect – even riches.


But the greater power – greater even than that of invention – is, I believe, the power to consistently find beauty and love and desire in a world that so often feels broken and twisted. To build in yourself the capacity to see beyond the clouds of difficulty and on to the greater frontiers of a life divinely planned: that, my friend, is power.


Days 13-14 Guide


Be rich in spirit. Do not become discouraged but resolute and determined in your effort to build the place of Joyous Gard.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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