13. Hope

My friend Terry

Something to Smile About

My friend Terry is a simple man. He treasures the things we should all love: friendship, a pure belief in God, an opportunity to work and help. The limit of his pride is the desire to be a part of something important, to stand tall in knowing that he is more than just himself.

Terry will never write a book or succeed in life by virtue of a unique skill or talent. Most likely he\’ll never be rich or even be totally independent. But Terry is a happy soul who is easily satisfied. In some ways he is like most of us want to be, free: free from the burdens and obligations that cloud our spirits, free from the anxiety of uncertainty and worry, free from the pettiness that so obscures the sunlit day. When my world seems a bit tangled I think about Terry. He gives me something to smile about.

Day 13 Guide

You can never read enough books, or have enough friends or ideas. There\’s much to be done in your lifetime. Get to it.

© 2009, Levi Hill

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