13. Life

The Invisible Hand is a wonderfully rich feature of life that leads and directs those in search of truth and beauty and also confirms that a chosen path is, in fact, the right one. This morning I struggled to find a thought to leave with you on the close of this Joyous Gard cycle of days. And though my efforts seemed mostly fruitless, my belief in the power of this leading pushed me to keep searching. As I turned to a book of poetry for inspiration, it was on page three hundred seven, the first page I turned to, that I immediately found confirmation of the things we’ve talked about. These simple words met my eyes:


We are building ev’ry day,

A temple the world may not see;

Building, building ev’ry day,

Building for eternity.


Listen also to the words of Arthur Benson in the original text of Joyous Gard:


And my last word of advice to people into whose hands this book may fall, who are suffering from a sense of dim failure, timid bewilderment, with a vague desire in the background to make something finer and stronger out of life, is to turn to some one whom they can trust”not intending to depend constantly and helplessly upon them”and to get set in the right road.


Joyous Gard should be a beautiful place of peace and retreat, a place of refreshment for your weary mind. It’s good to pause and think about this wonderful place that you are building.

Day 13 Guide


As we start another series tomorrow consider how you might add on to or improve your Joyous Gard. 


© 2004, Levi Hill

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