13. Poetry and Life

“Get yourself organized, Levi.” That’s what a successful South Georgia businessman told me some twenty years ago when I asked for his advice. “Organized?” I thought. “What’d he mean by that?” Oddly enough, that statement has remained with me all these years, but I no longer question his meaning. Instead, I try to do just what he said: “get organized.”


Now, I’m sure that I haven’t followed his prescription exactly; In fact, I may have even hijacked the original meaning and applied it more to my thinking than my daily activities. I mean, just one look at my office and you’d probably wonder if I’d ever heard of the word organization. But I spend a lot of time in the field of thought, looking out on life and trying to put things in order. For me, the term organization means making sense out of life.


I see the big picture of the human design as one of learning, loving, and doing — a life that demonstrates growth and maturity but then declines and ends eventually in death. The big picture represents what you might call a “biographical account” of life.


The small picture, on the other hand, has more to do with the daily cycles of restoration, replenishment, and organization. It’s about the struggles of trying to get better every day, about doing those things that revitalize and energize the mind and the body. It’s about seeking beauty and bringing to mind the things that delight and motivate. The small picture of design has to do with emotional control and desire.


Beauty and love, I believe, are the key switches in bringing the mental “lights back up.” Those connections that tie us to others and then to the world must be confirmed and restored daily. The spirit of Joyous Gard is one that often visits the gilded halls and returns to the world alert and renewed.


Day 14 Guide


Days don’t often begin beautifully. You must make them so. 


© 2005, Levi Hill

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