13. Progress

The Big Apple


There used to be an old grocery store near my house called Moss amp; Walls (named after its owners). As I remember, it was a great place to buy steaks or any sort of meat. There was a big butcher block behind the counter with a cutting surface that was uneven and “carved out” due to the many years of cleaving meat. There was sawdust all over the floor, and there was no air conditioning, only ceiling fans. There was also a freezer for the ice cream and shelves for the produce.


The red apples were stored in a big wooden bin, above which was always one big fresh apple hanging by a rubber band that was tied to its stem. Most every time that I went in the store the apple was spinning; it would spin in one direction for a while, briefly stop and then start spinning in the other direction. I never figured out how long that apple would spin by itself since most every time I went in the store it was in motion until I left.


But there were a few times that I found that apple to be hanging dead still. For some reason I felt that things just weren’t right in the store until the big apple was spinning. And so to make it right I’d go spin it myself. Do you ever feel like that? Like things just aren’t quite right?


When things aren’t right


Here’s how conservationist Debbie Marter explained why so few animals died in the recent Indonesian tsunami:


“Wild animals in particular are extremely sensitive,” she said. “They’ve got extremely good hearing and they will probably have heard this flood coming in the distance. There would have been vibration and there may also have been changes in the air pressure which will have alerted animals and made them move to wherever they felt safer.”


Day 13 Guide


Daily, you should fill your cup from the well of Joyous Gard. Heighten your senses, and realize that somewhere, someone or something is calling for you. Don’t let the wheels of progress get in the way.


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