13. Thought

Normally I don’t like traveling on the road. Driving for more than two or three hours is tiring, and my mind becomes restless. But there is one trip that I have always enjoyed, and that’s the drive from Athens, GA back to Augusta in the late afternoon. Highway 78 isn’t very crowded at that time of day, and the familiar landscape of farm houses, hay fields and pine trees is quite pretty in the light of the late afternoon sun. Driving east, the sun is at my back, giving its final glow to the road ahead.


I rarely turn on the radio when I have such a great opportunity to think. I see the trip back from Athens as a perfect time to gather my thoughts, generate ideas and prioritize my activities. The short trip (1-1/2 hrs) restores my mind and puts me at ease. I feel rested and rejuvenated when I finally arrive home.


I used to routinely make this trip when I was attending the University of Georgia. And while my trips to Athens are much less frequent today, I still try to make my plans for Friday travel. The thought of coming home to enjoy a weekend night with family and friends just makes the trip that much better.


Day 13 Guide


What is your ideal setting for thought? When and where are you best able to develop ideas and makes plans? Focus on visiting this setting more often and committing time to your mind. Sometimes the best thing you can do for those around you is to spend a little time by yourself — gathering, collecting and prioritizing. Ideas tend to manifest as integrations of two or more thoughts, and the mind needs time to acquire and synthesize these thoughts.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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