13. Thought

I wonder what our view of the world would be if we could actually see things like radio waves, cell phone signals and microwaves. Or what if we could see the waves of sound as they traveled through the air? How do you think our world would appear to us? Complicated? Chaotic?


At this very moment, even in these early morning hours, millions upon millions of invisible electromagnetic waves are passing through our bodies and our brains. And it suits me perfectly well to know that they are beyond my senses. I’m satisfied to know that with the right equipment, I’m able to “tune in” some of those signals (radio waves for example) when I want to. I’m comfortable, too, with the fact that there are many other types of waves and physical phenomenon constantly at work in the strange background of life.


Thought itself is a mysterious phenomenon. While we can’t physically see thoughts or ideas, we can at least confirm their existence by our own personal experience. We know, for example, that when a baseball pitcher throws a ball he does so with a plan in mind.


When you think about it, it’s really not much of a stretch to think that a spirit such as  God intervenes in this world and in our lives in order to carry out His plan.


Day 13 Guide


Today, think about what’s going in the background of life, and give credit to the forces that are a natural part of the hidden fabric of the universe.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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