13. Visions

During the dry times in life – when things just don’t seem too exciting – I have to push myself really hard. I have to give myself “pep talks,” literally talking my way through the dull motions of life. Do you ever feel like that?


One thing I try to remind myself of is that God’s hand is in every corner of my life and every moment of my time. Even during those arid and monotonous days God, I think, will often introduce something really important. I’m not sure why He chooses such times. Maybe it’s because He knows my mind isn’t racing with thoughts and ideas of a crowded day; maybe He sees this as an opportunity to fill my spirit with something of His own choosing.


At these uncomfortable junctures I try to push myself to continue with the discipline of living — doing the things that must be done. But I also try to pause and look for the things that God wants me to discover. I ask myself this question: “What is it right now that God wants me to see?” And so very often I will happen upon His inspiration.


God seems to put things in my way that I would otherwise ignore. Maybe it’s a person or an image of something beautiful. It may just be a simple thought that I would ordinarily disregard.


Days 13-15 Guide


When life becomes a drag, open your eyes to the things that God may be putting in your way. Envision a God who uses your worst times to demonstrate His power. Prepare yourself for His presence during the dry times.


© 2006, Levi Hill

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