14. Accessibility

I’m not terribly well-traveled so I’m not sure how people in other parts of the country generally tend to interrelate. But I can tell you this: we southerners tend to do a lot of hugging. The “man-hug” thing, which seems to have become a current point of interest in pop television culture, is really old news in the South. We’ve been hugging for years. Why a good hug goes right along with beer drinking and country music.  The far greater pleasure, however, is hugging a female friend that you haven’t seen in a while (maybe a day or two). Okay, maybe I’m old fashioned, but sometimes a handshake just isn’t sufficient.


For those of you who aren’t natural huggers, let me offer my technical analysis of its value: a hug breaks down all sorts of barriers. It strips one of his defenses and offers a glimpse of the guarded spirit. A hug isn’t proud or boastful but rather a symbol of humility and peace. A hug is a display of affection and trust, a belief in similar values or a symbol of comfort.


Day 14 Guide


You guessed it: hug someone today.


Note:  It’s not appropriate – even in the South — to hug everyone that you come in contact with. Reserve it for special friends, great relationships or special times. Be sure to still keep a strong handshake handy.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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