14. Experience



At one time or another you\’ve probably seen one, a Chinese puzzle-box. Essentially it\’s a decorative wooden box that locks “ and unlocks “ after a series of hidden latches are triggered in the correct sequence. No key is required to open the box. Security is maintained by the puzzle itself.

The latches are hidden within the hand-painted designs and landscapes that make the boxes so attractive. But even when the latches are discovered, they must still be triggered in the right sequence for the lid to finally open.

It takes a while to first learn how to open the box, but once you do, you\’ll never forget. Even today, I can close my eyes and feel the sequence of moves necessary to solve the puzzle, and I haven’t held that box for over thirty years.

Day 14 Guide

Learning can be frustrating. Practice is usually a chore. Remember that the rewards are hidden within the art itself, and the only way enjoy them is to trigger the latches. Don\’t let the rough spots stop you from moving forward.

© 2009, Levi Hill

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