14. Faith

When I’m not feeling well, the magic in life quickly dries up. I’m not excited about anything, and I’m generally unmotivated. To even continue walking in the same direction of my earlier feelings requires intellectual discipline. I have to remind myself that the beauty will return and that in my despair, I am wearing a mask of deception that hides the true reality of boundless beauty and ultimate mystery.


And so it’s odd to me that some would say faith is antithetical to reason. My contention is, in fact, just the opposite: I believe that faith requires an intellectual discipline to carry one beyond the waxing and waning of feelings. The world sometimes feels hard and pointless. And without faith in things beyond my senses, I’m not sure how I would ever find the road to recovery.


Day 14 Guide


Don’t let despair or a seeming change of emotion rob you of your faith. Hold on to the things that you believe in. Consider them your bedrock and your anchor point for recovery.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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