14. Ideas

During what is exam time for many students the enjoyment of Christmas-break seems so far away. I remember that stressful experience of “cramming” and trying to retain information just long enough to make it through exams. There were so many ideas and concepts to remember: science, math, history, and literature. And now I see it in my children; their eyes speak of that heavy burden of performance.


Many adults feel a similar stress. Readying for Christmas is no easy thing, and it’s hard to consider anything else during this season.


Let the start of this Joyous Gard cycle be a sanctuary for your thoughts. While the scope of ideas and of our reflection will be narrowly confined to beauty, apprehending her presence should inspire a wonderful sense of liberation and largeness that brings happiness and joy.


Day 14 Guide


We are approaching the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. The shortest day of the year will be December twenty first, and as the sun travels its “low road” in the sky, the light is unusual and beautiful. Today, notice the light.


© 2004, Levi Hill

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