14. The Sense of Beauty

What do you see?

On my best days I sense things in the light of heaven, as if all were alive and necessary: the birdsong, the starry dome, the wind, the rain, the ocean’s roar, or the quiet moment of repose at dusk. But there are other times when I see only the walls that have captured my spirit. My senses are dull. I remain unmoved. On my best days I feel boundless and energetic. Other times, tired, phlegmatic.

This morning I made an effort to find something that would help me rise above the clouds as my eyes caught the intersection of the straight wooden lines and curves at the foot of my bed. I found the design to be quite natural in a world where God created both male and female, that together they may be one.

Day 14 Guide

Today try to find something significant in the corners of life. Because in places where you least expect it, the keys to unlock a better day are many times hidden

© 2007, Levi Hill

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