14. Work

When I was growing up, my father would occasionally take me fishing. We’d make the thirty-minute drive to a little community called Grovetown located on the outskirts of Augusta where my grandfather owned several hundred acres of property and kept a couple of well-stocked fish ponds.


Unlike my grandfather, however, my father and I didn’t maintain such a serious interest in fishing, and over the years our visits to the ponds declined. When my grandfather died, my father inherited the property and was faced with the decision of undertaking some costly but necessary work on one of the pond’s dams. It was while surveying the property that a friend noticed the damage, while also making an even more startling discovery: that beavers had dammed up a nearby stream and created, in effect, a fifty acre pond (a body of water tens times the size of either of the other two ponds). It was then that I discovered the real meaning of the expression, “busy as a beaver.”


Consider the work of these beavers and how their efforts which were focused solely on building a home resulted also in the creation of a fifty-acre pond. Wow! Wouldn’t it be great if your work could have such a multiplied effect? Well, I think it can. I believe that God can take the work of our hands and multiply it to suit His purpose and His mission. That means that no one’s work, regardless of how tedious, is insignificant.


Day 14 Guide


Don’t ever think of your work as unimportant. Do your best with the tasks that you’ve assumed, and believe that by God’s power the work of your hands will never be lost.


© 2006, Levi Hill

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