15. Education

One has only to reflect on the influence of association, to know how children, who grow up in a home atmosphere which is fragrant with beautiful influences, generally carry on those tastes and habits into later life.


— Benson, Joyous Gard, Education


Growing up I used to enjoy occasionally sitting out on our patio in a chair and looking at the moon through my telescope. It’s a wonderful gift for a child, a telescope, in that it helps the young mind to think of things beyond. A telescope helps to open up the universe and confirm the reality of the ever present mysteries — the mysteries of time and space, order and motion. And like many before me, I would sit quietly, gazing at the heavens, pondering the unanswerable questions.


For me much of the beauty in life is beyond the normal scope of formal education. There is awesome beauty in the integration and connection of the various fields of knowledge. The meaning and purpose of the parade of events, of love and relationships: these are all things that also deserve our attention. The habit of training your mind to consider such things is the habit of Joyous Gard.


There is rich beauty around you, and a faint wind — the wind of spirit — is ever blowing gently to remind us all of such great things. You and I must cultivate and nurture the art of gazing into the heavens and seeing beyond.


Days 15-16 Guide


Take some time this weekend to think about the mysteries in life. Read the creation chapters in the book of Genesis; try to see things from a different angle.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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